The Refrigerator Collector

ďYeah, I got an Ď87 Frigidaire off eBay...put a three-way bulb in it, itís got adjustable vents on the veggie drawers, I modded the temperature controls, slapped an alloy plate on back, replaced the power cord, installed an ice-maker...itís a solid machine. Not quite as cool as my Ď92, but it will chill a half-gallon of milk quicker than I could in the older Westinghouse. In fact, Iíve got a guy who wants to buy my Westinghouse, do some mods to it. I might take him up on it if I can get his Sanyo mini fridge in trade, plus cash. Thatís a 3.6 cubic footer, and a lot of people donít know that you can add an extension and re-route the air pretty easily, replace the motor, add industrial casters if you want. Pretty cool.

ďFriend of mine just sold his old GE for a stock Kenmore Elite; he showed it the other night and I was impressed. I might get one as my general tooling-around fridge, although Iíd probably add a digital temperature display and some stronger glass shelves. I donít like their egg holders either, I tend to mold my own. But thatís only after I finish my Whirlpool project; I want to jack it up and add a KitchenAid bottom freezer. I might synchronize them and run it all down to 1200 volts, or I could power it with an Amana motor and two homemade compressors, but Iím still working on the housing. I know a guy who added a bottom freezer to a 1989 GE, but he put a glass faceplate on the bottom of the fridge. He tried to get cute with some cantaloupes and the whole thing broke. By the way, the GE wiring is like gold, if you can find anything from Ď89 to Ď93, buy it, rip off the back and save everything. If you wanted to use the GE schematic to overcrank, say, a Kenmore standard, you could do it. Iíd recommend using the fans from a morgue fridge, and you might have to bore out the rear panel to get them in, and then youíll want to upgrade your compressor, too. Bear in mind if you run it at full tilt, the top will frost like a son of a bitch unless you wind it down to almost 2.

ďMy real pet is the 1965 GE that I found at an estate sale a couple years ago for a hundred bucks. You canít get those at that price unless theyíre rusted and cracked to hell, and even then youíd end up rewiring it and it would still suck freon all day. But I got lucky with mine. So far Iíve done the drawer re-fit, rewired a three-way bulb and switch, rehabbed the condenser, and added a silent defroster. I had to redo the power, too, because the original cord was ready to kill somebody. Apart from some scrubbing, itís beautiful as is, and the door rubber still gives you that sweet Ďfrutzí and Ďwhumpí when you open and close it. Sweet machine, or it will be when Iím done tricking it out.

ďSo Iíve got the old GE, three Frigidaires, including the í87 I just got off eBay, two Whirlpools in progress, a KitchenAid standup and two bottom freezers, a few stock GEs from about fifteen years ago, two and a half Kenmores, my deluxe Amana, five minis, two chest freezers, the Westinghouse I might sell, and a walk-in cooler. Plus all the spare parts...well, youíve seen my garage. Itís ridiculous.Ē

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