What the...?

To The Editor of the Charterford Bugle And Spade:

Good day, sir or madam. I am writing to object to the filthy cartoon picture accompanying today’s Jumble puzzle. The Jumble is usually a G-rated affair; imagine my surprise when I saw this graphic depiction of simulated rear entry. I must admit to initial delight at this image, though it was quickly replaced by disgust as I remembered I was holding the Charterford Bugle And Spade and not a publication of seedy reputation. No matter what action the image attempts to display, it looks to me like dry humping, and not even consensual activity at that, as Cher’s expression indicates that Sonny had not warned her about what he was going to do. Sonny’s face, for that matter, betrays a look of carnal recklessness and sadistic conquest, while his left hand makes a “bad touch.” How is one supposed to concentrate on turning BOEES into OBESE or TAAWI into AWAIT with this wild scene next to the clues? Inappropriate, QED.

Please consider my subscription to your paper in doubt pending the tone of future editions. I’m no prude but do expect aesthetic consistency in the puzzle and comics section.


Morley G. Farntackle, Esq.

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