Office Etiquette

You can’t always take common sense and social decency for granted.


When is it acceptable to leave liquid and/or crumbs on the counter?

A) Never
B) Sometimes
C) Every single time you perform any activity in the kitchen

What is the proper action once you’re done using the sink faucet?

A) Turn it off
B) Leave it running a little bit

Which of the following does not belong in a refrigerator?

A) Soda pop
B) Mustard
C) Hair

What is the best way to place a small bowl in the dishwasher rack?

A) Sideways or face down in an orderly fashion
B) Right side up, just like glasses and mugs

How much should one know about the cooking appliances one uses?

A) Enough to properly heat food
B) Enough to avoid safety hazards
C) Nothing more than how to punch buttons, turn some knobs, and hope for the best

What is the proper response to breaking a glass in the community cabinet?

A) Remove all items from the shelf and thoroughly clean up the broken glass
B) Walk away and tell someone about it five minutes later
C) Assume that someone else will clean up behind you, as usual


When someone enters the stall next to you, what is the proper course of action?

A) Continue your business and afford them their privacy
B) Engage them in conversation

Where is the best place to store magazines in the restroom?

A) On the floor next to the toilet
B) In a magazine rack
C) They shouldn’t be in the restroom at all

What is the preferred way to enter a stall?

A) Through the door
B) Crawling under the partition from the adjacent stall

When is it acceptable to smear feces on the toilet paper holder?

A) Never ever ever
B) Sometimes

What is the preferred method of sitting on the toilet?

A) Normally and without fuss
B) Rocking back and forth and thrusting your whole weight upon the tank until it dislodges enough from its anchor bolts to leak water onto the floor

How much Febreze is enough?

A) A little
B) A lot
C) There’s no such thing as too much Febreze

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