Site Report: 2/7/07

A recent email invoice reminds me that this website is about a year old. Since I put ďNo.1Ē on my last site report, I guess that means a ďNo.2Ē is in order, not that I have much to report on this anniversary. I added a lot of content in the last several months, which left me somewhat exhausted and wondering what else Iím going to review in the coming year. There are still stragglers in my jazz collection, and Iím sure Iíll acquire some new discs in time. Meanwhile, Iíve been doing more playing than writing recently, apart from the odd essay. I donít mind the break from banging away at the computer keyboard. In fact, time spent at the computer is a break from real life, right?

As for the random appearance of sports essays, thatís just me getting certain thoughts off my chest. It lends a little variety to the site, without getting into heavier topics. Same with the humorous bits. These are the sorts of impromptu exorcisms I would drop into online forums, but I donít frequent those much anymore. So they find a home here, along with the musical musings.

Stats: the most popular jazz pages to date are Coltrane, Corea, Ornette, Jarrett, Hancock, Hill, and Blakey. The most popular rock pages are...all of them. The most popular essay was the one where I deconstructed the best jazz solo of all time, offered a solution to the worldís most glaring malaise, and provided a fantastic martini recipe besides. However, due to attention from the Nobel committee, not to mention harassment by various evangelicals, I had to delete it.

By the way, let me offer a link to Progrography, which was kind enough to link to me. Itís a browse-worthy discographical site (a lot of progressive rock, and a lot of other stuff) with some excellent writing.

Thatís all the trivial info fit to print, for now. As always, happy listening.

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