Site Report: 7/17/07

Howdy once again, virtual citizens. Production has been on and off in the past six months, as I donít feel the pressing need to get as much content online as last year. I will continue to add reviews, but not at a fast and furious pace. The Rock page is pretty much done, having already covered the artists I found most interesting to write about. They donít represent the extent of my rock collection (or memory), but thereís little I could write about other, more popular artists that hasnít been written a hundred times over.

Back in May and June, I re-edited the entire site (again). I made the mistake of skimming some pages I didnít like, so that prompted a full sweep of the premises. I promise not to do it any more. Until the next time. I also removed a few essays, including some of the whimsical sports blatherings.

(For all you whoíve read my little touchdown celebration rant, Iíll tell you something else: due to the extremely disturbing extracurricular interests of at least one player, and what I consider insufficient reaction from other players, the team, and the league, Iíve had it with the NFL. Sometimes the bad apples are really, really bad.)

Music news at large: I havenít said much about the growing download trend because I donít have many positive feelings about it yet. On the contrary, I wonder what effect an eventual rarity of physical media will have on the artistic measures and goals of recorded music, and how general listenersí expectations might be affected. (Big record companies have been lowering expectations for years, anyway.) I havenít brewed all my germinal thoughts into a concrete thesis yet. In the meantime, I just know what the big shift means to me Ė fewer CD reissues, more questions about sound quality, and a greater tendency for real copies of a title to go out of print, possibly for good. Eventually, I may be forced to change my tune, but Iíll still have my CD collection, and it will be just as convenient and portable then as it is now.

Speaking of disappearing CDs, Iíve mentioned the K2 20-bit remasters in various jazz reviews, particularly with titles on the Prestige, Riverside, or Contemporary labels. Well, far as I can tell, the K2 series is no more. What we get now from the Fantasy/Concord quarters are a new line of Rudy Van Gelder remasters, and also something called the ďKeepnews Collection,Ē named after the producer and self-aware raconteur. Iíve sampled titles from both of these series and they sound fine, but Iíve also heard about problems people have had with certain discs. Anyway, you might want to keep your eyes out for the K2 editions, especially a couple of Rollins titles - Saxophone Colossus and Way Out West. By the way, reports of neglected archives notwithstanding, Concord has done some nice work in re-presenting the Ď50s Prestige recordings of Coltrane and Miles, and I hope they continue to preserve the legacies of other artists in a respectful manner.

Enough babble. I wish everybody a happy and productive rest of the year.

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