Site Report: 9/15/09

Greetings once again. Iíve added a handful of items since the last checkpoint, all at a slow pace. Iím much more focused these days on playing or writing music, so even when Iíve got some albums and books to review, as I do now, it takes a while to put on the writing hat and churn out words. This isnít the first time Iíve made such a disclaimer, and I should admit that this site is closer to becoming an ďas isĒ archive rather than a constantly expanding resource. More reviews and essays will appear, but I donít know when.

If youíre curious, I play guitar, with or without a lovely palette of effects, mostly in the gray areas between jazz and fusion Ė not that those words really tell you much. Standards, originals, ambient improvisations, funk or Latin grooves, occasional rock trips...itís all good fun and a healthy challenge.

Thanks for reading, and I still check my email regularly (chris at jazzshelf dot org), if youíve got any comments. Keep your ears open, support your local vigilantes, beware the witch doctors and faith healers, and best wishes for the rest of the year.

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