Site Report: 8/25/10

Greetings from the Custerdome, just east of the meritocracy, somewhere in the midst of America. Almost a year has passed since the last report, and Ė here comes the broken record part Ė not much has been added in that time. A couple of essays, a few proper reviews, and editing various pages. Iíve already reviewed almost all of my jazz collection as it stands now, minus several leftover and incoming titles that may or may not get typed up someday, so this site will not be expanding by any great lengths in the near future. I suppose more book reviews are in order, and Iíll try to get to that before the end of the year. Lenient deadlines, eh.

Iíve otherwise been involved in an original fusion group (hard to classify the gray areas we play in) that claims most of my mindspace Ė happily so. That and burying myself in books, soaking up sunrays, and tending to a new rescued kitten. Something else Iíve been doing this summer is using a push reel lawnmower. (How blunt a segue into something so mundane...but Iíve got nothing else to say at the moment.) I didnít buy it to be part of the ďgreenĒ fad, which I resent in any case because who needs scheming politicians and activist celebrities to tell you how to live; conserving resources is plain common sense and hardly a new idea. I bought it because my regular powered mower was down for a while and the grass kept growing, so the push-reel became a stand-in while the Jagdpanther was under repair. Funny thing is, I liked pushing the manual mower around the yard Ė less weight, heat, and fumes to deal with. Itís like giving the grass a solid trim instead of a full-on haircut. Ever since the powered mower returned to action, Iíve been alternating the two, and itís worked out well. (Iím sure thereís a life-sized metaphor in here somewhere.)

Now you know this site is washing up when Iím writing stuff like that. Thanks for reading and have a better one.

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