Site Report: 1/27/12

Yes, your once enterprising steward still logs in at odd moments to add substance, like more Rush reviews, and in January 2012, I polished almost every page. You can have as many do-overs as you like on your own site, and the last appraisal sparked such shame that I took subsequent time to improve what I could. I wasnít always a good writer and am not much better now, but adjustments have been made. I wonít predict when the new reviews and tidbits I have in mind will be added.

Insert complaint here about changing record industry: farewell to regular jazz reissues, hello to shrinking availability of deep catalog titles. Over the last year, I grabbed most of Miles Davisí individual Columbia CDs via Amazon sellers (a few bucks a pop, no big funding required) even though I already owned all of them in the boxsets. Figured my ship thatís sinking might need extra supplies, and sometimes I want to experience the original album, artwork and all. I also have more than one copy of other artistsí albums in boxsets and individual discs, but what the heck.

In the rock world, labels have been making one last run with reissues and deluxe editions, some ridiculously stuffed with knick-knackery. (Sunglasses, marbles, croquet hoops...and presumably CDs amongst the swag.) The Rush Sector boxes are great for the most part and led to the extra reviews mentioned above. Iíve been acquiring King Crimson deluxe editions as they appear (might devote a page to them one day) and followed Steven Wilsonís remixing skills to Jethro Tullís Aqualung. And at both local record stores and the glorious Amazon marketplace, I grab the occasional blast from the past for peanuts while I can.

So it goes in that department. For present life observations, everything returns to dust, nourishes the future, and/or falls into oblivion. Thanks for the eyes, take care, do what needs doing despite catcalls from those who benefit. Sic itur ad astra.

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